PhilmStream web streaming services offer high quality, experienced, professional web streaming and video on demand (VOD).

We aren’t your normal web streamer source. We go way beyond.

We control everything from front to back with our own encoders and our own dedicated proprietary server. We can run onsite tests to prove our ability for free. We broadcast live events, conventions, webinars, and lectures as well as the ability to provide multiple languages on a single stream. Allowing you to reach a larger audience. And host Secure Video On Demand customized for you.

We are:

  • High Quality
  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • World Wide

We provide:

  • We travel to the event location.
  • Onsite consulting to ensure expectations; what they are and how we can best meet them.
  • Support of the actual live event. We are able to trouble shoot onsite any issues that arise.
  • Regional Filtering. We can either block out any geographical regions or only include specific regions.
  • Very powerful analytics. Real-time and after the fact reporting of both visits and where they came from, as well as quality of their connection and viewing experience.
  • Interactivity. Many options available.
  • Multi channel audio. We do this unlike any other. We can stream in multiple languages all across the world.

We can provide a very simple user experience on a single stream of video. Major advantage on the Live portion of your event.

We offer full house services including payment processing and a custom user interface landing site for your event. Fully secure, allowing private access paid or un-paid.

Utilizing high-end hardware encoders, we achieve top tier video quality. We provide locked down viewing and Rights access with user name and password. We can help you monetize your event. Let us handle everything for you.

Find out how we can live stream your next event.

We also do Point to Point transmission. Secure and reliable. Replacing satellite dish transmission.

Meeting and exceeding Our Clients’ needs and expectations

Huntsman Cancer Institute

The Huntsman Cancer Institute needed a high quality web streaming service.

We can stream out to anybody, securely, or we can do point to point web streaming. We provided point to point streaming for the Huntsman Cancer Institute using Haivision Makito encoders from Philm Gear, Inc. A group of doctors transmitted some of their services to a panel of doctors in Park City. In preparation, we tested onsite. It took several days to get through the University of Utah firewall to make sure that we maintained a high-quality point to point stream. This was single direction for both video and audio. We had two different streams running simultaneously.

We were able to compress the video and still keep the quality of the video high. We created the “pipe” in either direction. The end-user did not see a single hiccup. Stayed connected regardless of the quality of connection.

“Awesome, amazing picture. You guys did an amazing job.”

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